Chanukah: Kohain Gadol and Jew in Galus

The contrast of the Bais HaMikdash Menorah and the Chanukah Menorah is like the contrast between the Kohain Gadol in the Bais HaMikdash and a Jew in galus. The Kohain Gadol, like the Bais HaMikdash Menorah, is wholly pure, is solely connected to Torah and Mitzvahs. Alternatively, the Jew in galus, like the Chanukah Menorah, is less pure. While connected to Torah and Mitzvahs, it is also connected to galus.

As Jews in galus, we should not be religious, we should not be frum. Min HaTeva, Jews should have assimilated centuries ago. But, thank G-d, we remain frum Jews. And the overwhelming reason why we continue to be frum Jews is… Teshuva. We make mistakes. We live imperfectly. We move further away from Hashem. And then we do teshuvah. We transform our backward step to a jump forward. And this transformation is, in a word, miraculous. And the Chanuka Menorah mirrors the miraculous nature of our teshuva. Though surrounded by darkness, we move from one light to two to three to four to five to six to seven to eight lights. Though we begin with a relative disconnection from Hashem, we do teshuva and, slowly, connect with Hashem physically, spiritually, miraculously.


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