Tzom Gedaliah

In Tanach, innumerable Jewish leaders are killed. Yet, between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, during these auspicious days, we have a fast day to remember the yahrzeit, the killing of, Gedaliah. What was unique about Gedaliah? The answer is, many things. This includes that Gedaliah was killed soon after the destruction of the first Bais … [Read more…]

Wood, Stone, Silver, Gold

Towards the beginning of Parsha Nitzavim, Moshe speaks of “And you saw their abominations and their disgusting [idols] – of wood and stone, of silver and gold that were with them. A question is, why speak of the materials that these idols were made of? Why not stop after “their disgusting [idols]? it seems that … [Read more…]

Yardin River – Kings II (Perek 5)

Naaman wants a cure for his leprosy. Elisha tells him to bathe 7 times in the Yardin (Jordan) River. This shows that Israel’s land is unique and that so much of Yiddishkeit’s miracles are every day miracles. Share

Ba’al Z’voov

In the first Perek of Kings II, there’s, so to speak, a show down between Hashem and the god, Ba’al Z’voov. (Ba’al Z’voov can be translated as Owner or Master of a Fly, as in the insect.) Possibly, Ba’al Z’voov is where the name of the devil, Satan, comes from: Beelzebub. Share

Nevi’im (Yehoshua Perek 6) by Shlermie

Per Hashem’s command, Yehoshua has the Jews circle Jericho and the Kohanim circle Jericho and blow their shofars.  There are lots of sixes (a physical number, like the six days of the week), lots of sevens (a spiritual number, like Shabbas), and, after the circling, the shofar blasts, and the shouting of the Jews, the … [Read more…]

Nevi’im (Yehoshua Perek 1) by Shlermie

Hashem tells Yehoshua to “be strong and courageous” (Chazak v’Ematz).  This is contrasted with Hashem telling Yehoshua to “not fear and not to lose resolve” (al ta’arotz v’al taychat).  In both cases, Hashem is speaking to Yehoshua following his Torah.  And when Yehoshua speaks with the tribes of Reuven, Gad and half the tribe of … [Read more…]