Parsha Ki Seitzei 5780

This week’s Parsha tells us to Remember Amalek and, when doing business, to use accurate, honest measures. Hashem wants us to not only not be like Amalek but, when we ultimately go to Eretz Yisroel, to wipe away any memory of these people. Hashem clearly deplores people who attack the weak, the infirmed. People who … [Read more…]

Ba’al Z’voov

In the first Perek of Kings II, there’s, so to speak, a show down between Hashem and the god, Ba’al Z’voov. (Ba’al Z’voov can be translated as Owner or Master of a Fly, as in the insect.) Possibly, Ba’al Z’voov is where the name of the devil, Satan, comes from: Beelzebub. Share